All our repairs, refinishing and french polishing, are done with a single aim. To restore the fine furniture or architecture to its original glory, whilst preserving the beauty and the patina that is unique to each piece. Restoration  and conservation are the hallmark of CPR. Bringing to life the full potential of a quality work takes more than professional knowledge or skill, it requires experience and special instinct with a love for the natural methods and materials used. Knowing what needs to be done and more crucially what should be left alone comes from many hours of dedication to the craft. Whatever the peice, patience and painstaking care every step of the way is what produces a high quality work.

Furniture restoration and conservation ~ CPR Workshop or Mobile Restoration Service

Burn marks, stains, loose joints, splits, cracks, damaged fittings or metalwork. Workshop or On-site we can fix it. How extensive the work we  can undertake on-site is dependent on its nature and the site. That said, whatever the restoration seek our opinion. Our advice is free and if we cannot take on the work we will advise you on how best to get it done.

Architectural restoration and conservation ~ CPR Workshop or Mobile Restoration Service

Doors, architraves, staircases and balustrades, floors, skirtings, window frames and sills, wall and ceiling panelling. Large or built in furniture, such as antique bookcases. Usually, intricate pieces or movable items are restored in our workshop.


Whether restoration or new creation of furniture or units, free-standing or built-in. Whatever the cabinetmaking need CPR can do it. Feel free to talk to us about your ideas or requirements.

French polishing

For a truly beautiful hand-finish including; detailing, graining, spiriting and glazing.

Traditional Refinishing

Whether refinishing instead of a full restoration is right for you will depend on many things, but, if  the current finish is failed, severely worn, or simply wrong, its removal followed by a traditional hand refinish will bring out its natural patina, highlight its beauty and maintain its worth.

Free and comprehensive estimates

For most jobs a free estimate is usual, but where the complexity or difficulty of the work dictates a fair rate will be given.

Annual or seasonal maintainence

Finishes get marked, scratched or go dull; catches, knobs and hinges break; delicate detail gets damaged. Simple daily use can diminish the beauty of even the best cared for furniture. Let us book you in for this service and you needn't worry about furniture maintenance again.

Water and stain damage

Most water and stain damage can be rectified, but time is of the essence.

Insurance Assessments and Reports

A fee is charged for Insurance Assessments & Reports. This charge varies according to job.

Hotels, Listed Buildings, Retirement Homes, Offices, Private and Public Buildings

All work considered. If contract then commercial discounts may apply.

Traditional & Modern floor board laying

Whether laying, restoring or replacing floorboarding the traditional way or laying new boarding the modern way, including laminated flooring, CPR offers the highest standard of workmanship.

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Restoration & Conservation are the hallmark of

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